CBC Ambassadors

What our Members are Saying:

“As a CBC member my network has been opened to industries and individuals I wouldn’t necessarily have found in other professional groups. Members look to make a difference, build positive connections and grow in ways that are personally and professionally meaningful. I look forward to continuing to build my network and support others on their own journey – and, I know CBC is a great way to do that!”

Hannah Yaritz
CCS Fundraising

“CBC has been a wonderful opportunity to meet some very interesting people. Kristin is an amazing connector and creates such unique networking events. I am very grateful to be part of this group and I am looking forward to many more great experiences as a member.””

Darren Finnigan
Harness Data Consulting

“Not only does Kristin bring together a great group of professionals to her events, they are the most fun and interesting networking events I’ve ever been to! You should definitely join the CBC community!”

Kristin Dittus,
Law Office of Kristin Dittus

I’ve been a part of CBC for close to a year and am excited to renew my CBC membership. I’ve met so many great and like-minded professionals, it has added a nice balance to my life. Big thanks for Kristin and all the activities she brings forward into CBC community!

Abe Rodriguez
Sunflower Bank

“Kristin is creating a unique and extraordinary networking group with amazing, heartfelt, giving people.”

Judy Pearson
Woodruff Sawyer

“Conscious Business Connections is a unique networking group that offers different and fun ways to connect. The inspiring energy, support, and can-do attitude make this group worth joining. Kristin has great energy and vision. She truly cares about each member’s success.”

Amy Angell
Cynthetic Systems

Ambassador Members

Jan Warusavitharana

Lisa Walker

Kristen Boyle

Jessi Burg

Hannah Yaritz

Tara Grainger

Amy Angell

Bill Simmermon

Jenny Yaegar

Tara McFarland

Solei Costa

Greg Tanner

Jeremy Hoppe

Darren Finnegan

Nate Ewert

Philip Henry

Shigeko Leveque

Keith Logan

Paul Luchau

Alecia Huck

Stephen Jaye

James Hodge

Dick Schwartz

Kristin Dittus

Clark Tallbull

Enrique Escudero

Michael Anderson

Kinkini Bharadwaj

Chelsey Panchot


Judy Pearson

Manav Bagga

Steve Hackenburg

Ethan Silvera

Sara Davis

Katie Barry

John Geis

Morada Trip

Daniel Fox

Robert Provencher

Erik Vinneau

Kimberly Beauchamp

Steve Unterman

Pay It Forward Members

These generous members have agreed to pay-it-forward and provide a scholarship for someone who is not currently able to afford membership

Tara Grainger

Greg Tanner

Kristin Dittus

Chelsey Panchot

Judy Pearson

Steve Unterman