Compilation of Gratitude

This page is dedicated to all the teachers, that I personally know, who have brought me to where I am today. I highlight their words that inspired me to shift into more empowerment.
I believe EVERYONE is a teacher and has something insightful to share.
We are all equal. We are all one.
What do you have to share?

What experience would Kristin want?
-Kimberly Beauchamp

You remember what you need to
-Ola Jas

When you don’t respond, it stops the flow of energy – and money is energy
-Maria Putnam

Come as you are
-Ella Chase

Nothing happens in a silo
-Katy Herbert Kotlarczyk

Start before you are ready
-Kristin Boyle

Be the STAR in your reality, not a planet. There is infinite room in the sky – you are not taking up too much space
-Abi Feil

KISS: Keep It Stupidly Simple
-Sara Davis

Decisions are easy when you know your values
-Michelle Scott

You can use your money to eradicate what you don’t want to see in the world or use it for what you wish to see more of
-Richard Hartmann

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