Conscious Business Connections is officially one month old!

Written by Kristin McGinnis

April 2, 2021

My beautiful friends and conscious human BEINGS,

Conscious Business Connections is officially one month old! Thanks to each and every one of you copied on this email for joining me on this journey and helping keep this “new baby” loved, safe, healthy and supported!

Here are the milestones of the first month of life for this “new baby”:

  • Half a dozen excited and engaged members!
  • Two amazing virtual events. One featuring Kristen Boyle and her business, Embodied Living Academy. The other, I guided a meditation using ideal scenes in nature.
  • A wonderful in-person yoga event with Tara Grainger and her business, Root to Rise Yoga
  • A lot of great behind the scenes networking calls, gearing up more conscious individuals for April events

If you attended and benefited from any of these events, I encourage you visit to the Membership page and support others in keeping their “lights on”:

  1. Continuing the Circle of Gratitude with an energy exchange of money
  2. Continuing the Circle of Inspiration with an energy exchange of words

What’s coming up

  • Virtual Networking Event Wednesday, April 7th at 11:30am MT. I anticipate around a dozen attendees. The event will highlight Katrina Brink, her passion, skills and business surrounding delicious & sustainable cooking. You have been sent a calendar invitation, so you easily access the details and accept or decline. Feel free to invite others!
  • Yoga Experience at Robert Clement Park Saturday, April 17th at 10:30am with Tara Grainger
  • Launch Party in May! Likely at VonMod‘s incredible, sustainable building in north Denver. Movement, music, connecting, sustainable and bubbly beverages ++. Details and Save the Date TBA

How you can support this baby

  • Consider contributing to her nourishment as she continues to grow (read: consider joining as a member – a reminder that the first 50 members have access to annual lifetime membership for $50/yr). If you are ready, the first step is to fill out this short questionnaire.
  • Encouragement as this baby grows from her playpen to crawling (gentle feedback is also welcome)
  • I am balancing my energies (more/again) and I am going to spend less time on social media, especially as spring and summer call me to be outside. That being said, the Facebook group is a community FOR YOU. So please post, promote your business, and engage! I’ll be checking in there periodically and posting occasionally.

If you would like to provide an educational-based presentation at a future event (either virtual or in-person, if you’re in the Denver area) or have an MasterClass or other offering you would like to have added to the Member Offerings page, I’d be delighted to discuss with you.

And as always, please let me know how I can support YOU!💕

Happy Easter!


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