eBlasts & Intentional Marketing

Written by Kristin McGinnis

November 29, 2021

Have you ever received an email that you know has been auto generated with a greeting line with your first name auto-filled? Can you tell that this email was attempted to be personalized to you – but it had the exact opposite effect?

Perhaps you received one last week for Thanksgiving. How do these emails land with you? How do they make you feel? What did you do with that email? How many emails like this did you receive?

While part of me feels grateful for the thoughtful message in these emails, the other part of me feels like I am just an email address on a contact form for some companies. Sure, it makes me think of the company and the services that they offer – maybe for a brief moment it will even make me think of calling them. Though, when the message is so generic, I ask myself, what does this person (or company) value out of this relationship with me? Does the company only value me for the dollars in my bank account or do they care about me personally? I choose to align with people and businesses that go beyond the surface and wish to build genuine, conscious relationships. This is not only relevant for Conscious Business Connections, but for my corporate role as Business Development Director at Auctoris as well. Quality over quantity prevails in my book.

As busy professionals, the use of email marketing platforms (such as MailChimp) allow us to easily personalize the greetings and send out hundreds of “personalized” emails in a timely fashion. And I certainly understand the value of these platforms, as I send one to each of you every week! 🙂 Though for special occasions, such as birthday cards and holidays I believe the messages only land when they are personalized.

Will I write off a company or person for sending me a generic message? Well, no, I will assess the whole package and the entirely of the relationship. But continuous messages of this kind, with no personal touches, care or concern for me as an individual certainly will.

Conscious Invitation

As you send out your holiday mailers, especially, I invite you bring more awareness about your intention with your emails. What relationships are you choosing to foster? And if you choose to send your holiday messages digitally, how can you bring forth more human-elements?

Share Your Ideas

I have my ideas…and I will share them on the CBC Facebook page. I invite you to share your ideas with the community too! Tell us: How do you intend to bring more human elements into your holiday messages, cards or gifts to your business contacts?

With Gratitude. Your Fearless Leader,

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