Full Moon Intentions: Harvest/Corn Moon

Written by Kristin McGinnis

September 20, 2021

I saw a wonderful play over the weekend called “The Life Span of a Fact” at Curious Theatre in Denver, thanks to my lovely friend Char. Divine timing as always. Not only was one of the three actors someone I completed the PSI Seminar with 2 years ago and we had the opportunity to reconnect, but the moral of the story struck a chord with me.
In recent months it’s become increasingly intolerable for me to be around others who nit pick and criticize me and others for not knowing every last detail, every term, etc. surrounding a topic. I see it on social media and in conversations. We berate one another, judge one another for not being “perfect.” Why do we hold these unattainable expectations of one another (and often ourselves)?
Just as depicted in the play, there was a “fact checker,” given the task of making sure every detail of an article/essay was correct before being published. What it boiled down to was that that meaning and reason behind the purpose of the essay was the emotion, FEELING, and honoring of someone’s life.
The play was such a powerful reminder of how we get caught up in so many details, statistics, facts, degrees, accreditations – and often just forget what it is to be human. I offer us all an invitation to drop the fancy language and terminology and just connect. As easefully as young children do. No words necessary.
I have decided though and because of this to renew my New Year’s intention, which was to: to embody childlike wonder. And embody more of this energy into my professional life, while still maintaining the “professionalism.” I built CBC with this intention and host safe, fun and light-hearted events. Though I feel I could bring more light-hearted energy into my writing. This is also the reason I selected the coaches I did earlier this year: Ella Chase & Michelle Langdon with Wellth-Works and the RISE Coaching Program. They have the most playful, light hearted emails which are always click-worthy and bring me a smile. Along with the play I saw this weekend, Ella and Michelle’s recent emails have given me renewed inspiration to write more playfully and simply.
I heard about the Hemingway App while listening to the Rob Dial podcast on my drive to the office this morning., More divine timing, as this fits in to simplifying my writing. The app analyzes your written docments and provides suggestions on where to shorten your sentences and literally highlights where you are speaking in too complex of terms where you may lose your readers due to overly complex and dense language. I am going to give the app a whirl. Here is the link if you’d like to as well: https://hemingwayapp.com/
What is your full moon intention? You’re welcome to share with the community on the Facebook Group Page.

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