Happy New Year 2022 & Keeping Lights On

Written by Kristin McGinnis

January 3, 2022

While I consciously make intentions for each new day, the annual calendar date change allows for deeper reflections and the space to bring refreshed energy and intentions for the new year.

As I reflect back on the year, there is so much to celebrate and be proud of. Many of you know my personal journey over the past decade and prior (and I am happy to share with anyone who wishes to know more) – and it wasn’t always easy. The path is often bumpy for many of us.

I am grateful for the tragedies and hard times for they made me a more resilient, stronger and confident woman.

In March 2021, I overcame limiting beliefs and started Conscious Business Connections. It was through the guidance and support of friends, coaches, authors, retreat experiences and a connection with nature that allowed me to return to my own truth. Living a life full of bliss like I never imagined possible.

So many have asked me, what is your “secret”? What was the “recipe” that got you there?

Well, I wish to share this “secret” and “recipe” with you all and allow a stage for others to share their recipes as well. For my process and my journey has always been a blend of many modalities and I don’t feel like “my way” (or any one else’s) is the be-all-end-all. We all have unique gifts to share and it is the combination of all these ingredients that makes for a happy and prosperous world for beings. It is my intention to expose the community to a variety of modalities so that you may choose the best path for you!

CBC is the stage and the safe place to shine and express yourself through your work. It is no easy task being an entrepreneur. It can be a lonely and often a bank-draining experience. According to the Small Business Association, 20% of small businesses fail in the first year, 50% go belly up after five years, and only 33% make it to 10 years or longer. It is my intention to

CBC creates a stage for you to share your passions and skills, building conscious relationships that will bring abundance to your professionally and personally. Guiding ways for you express your most authentic self and to make money with your gifts.

Whether you are starting a new business, growing your business, or have solutions (hard or soft skills) to offer entrepreneurs and businesses – if you share in the vision of seeing more local, conscious businesses THRIVE, I invite you to join us in “Keeping Lights On!”

CBC provides the platform, aligns you with support that will help you grow your business and events that allow the opportunities to build conscious relationships, gaining clients and strategic partners along the way. All while having FUN!

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