Member Benefits

Are you looking for more than just surface-level conversations and trading business cards without real results?

Join Conscious Business Connections and build relationships based on honesty, mutual support,
trust and a willingness to grow together.

A Few of the Benefits Members Enjoy

Private Community Platform

Weekly discussion forum.

Replays of Webinars.

Segmented Tribes: Women’s & Men’s Circles; Segmented Target Markets for Private Discussions & Events 


At CBC, we love being a refreshing change to endless elevator pitches and empty business card exchanges. Our events incorporate elements of mindfulness and foster our personal wellness and connection with nature.

Exclusive Content

Learn and practice conscious leadership skills; gain insights on how to grow your business consciously; and how to build lasting relationships.

 CBC Educational Webinar Series Topics

Leadership, Business Strategy, Business Sustainability, Marketing, Financial Freedom, Legal Structures for Conscious Businesses, Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI), Mindfulness, Resilience, Yoga, Embodiment, Breathwork, Nutrition, Conscious Relationships – and more!

Private Community Platform

Be seen as a conscious leader in our Member Directory

We’ve got polls, prompts, posts, and questions that can bring more people into conversation in a space that’s all our own.

We’ve got Topics to organize our activity, Search to find what we’re looking for, and Save Post for you to quickly come back to your favorites. A variety of discussion topics have been created. Promote your business through the designed section under “topics”. Additional topics considered upon request and as CBC membership grows.

You can direct message. You can also post and have threaded conversations.

Have an event you’d like to promote? Post your upcoming events to the Network Calendar.

Catch replays of the CBC Webinar Series directly in the platform.

We keep conversations and messaging going before, during, and after our events.

Segmented “tribes.” After you join, you will be segmented into additional appropriate “tribes” where you can have private group conversations about what is most relevant to that “tribe”. Ex: Women’s tribe and Men’s tribe; plus Tribes segmenting members by their business target market. Additional tribes will be considered upon request and as CBC membership grows.

Signature Events

New Year's Intentions Celebration

Destination Retreats

Colorado Retreats

Colorado Retreats

What Happens Next? (On-Boarding With The Community)

How do we keep a community of like-hearted leaders thriving and supporting each other?

Glad you asked!

In order to ensure each CBC member’s values and intentions are in alignment with the those of our community, each prospective member meets with the Founder for a 1:1 discussion.

What it FEELS like to be a Member of Our Community