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Our community is excited to grow with you!

Annual Membership


60-minute Strategy & Opportunities Call with Kristin to position your business and offerings for success! Let’s come together so we can spend less time working “on the business” and instead be working “IN the business.” Allowing for more time to spend with our friends and family.

Exclusive content and lessons on how to build a conscious business.

Continuous inspiration and support of your business from other members.

Access to a variety of complimentary monthly events, both virtual and in-person (and hybrid). These dynamic events allow for networking with other like-minded professionals, as well as personal growth and education.

Personal Growth & Education Topics: Leadership, Business Strategy, Business Sustainability, Marketing, Financial Freedom, Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI), Mindfulness, Resilience, Yoga, Embodiment, Breathwork, Nutrition, Conscious Relationships – and more!


In order to maintain your membership, we ask you to ACT in integrity by:

  1. Supporting others by attending, engaging with, and financially contributing to their Offerings (minimum 15 hours per year). There are a wide variety of wonderful offerings to choose from. You may also choose the CBC Offerings.
  2. Giving back to your local community through an Act of Service. This can be serving on an advisory board, volunteering for a nonprofit, OR serving in your own unique way. We are excited to see the ways our members serve the community and are delighted to help with suggestions! CBC member community projects will also be made available.
  3. Giving at least one conscious referral to someone in the community per year. Support will be provided on how to craft your conscious referral.
  4. Engaging in the community in your own unique way. Examples: attend a complimentary event; create, like or comment on a post in the Facebook community; fill out a survey; or support another member by helping them to “keep their lights on!”

Member offerings and some CBC offerings are an additional cost, on top of the annual membership price. The prices are set by the coach/instructor (as low as $30/hr). Therefore, please plan to budget an additional $450 per year, at minimum, to fulfill the membership requirements.

The CBC vision is about transparency, operational efficiency, and giving back profits to our members in the form of scholarships and giving back to communities who will benefit from our support.

Do you believe in the mission and vision, but can’t financially afford the membership currently? Contact me and we will work something out. I never wish for cost to be an inhibitor to inspiration and growth! Thanks to the generosity of our wonderful members, scholarships are available.

Basic Membership
  • per year
  • Access to all events.
  • VIP service.
  • Referrals to support your business from Kristin & other CBC Members.
  • Content on how to grow a conscious business.
Ambassador Membership
  • per year
  • Basic Membership PLUS
    Ambassadors lock in this annual membership rate for their lifetime.
  • Yes, you read correctly… $50 per YEAR. Ambassador price only available for a limited time..
  • OFFER ENDS 8.15.2021
Premium Membership
  • per year
  • Basic Membership PLUS
  • one custom planned & tailored event (to your unique target market)
    per year

The CBC vision is to to keep the the membership cost low into perpetuity.
This can be achieved by conscious referrals from our members.


Members are screened through an onboarding process as we wish to uphold the integrity of the community. The onboarding process gives us a pulse on: your values, where you are on the giving-taking scale, how you prefer to give and receive, what type of events you like, how receptive to coaching you are, and how ready you are to make shifts towards your true self. Remember, wherever you are at in the process IS PERFECTLY OKAY!

Are you are a stay at home parent, retired or not currently working? Our community welcomes you as a member, if…

You wish to live your life in a more conscious way and step into being a leader with those around you.

Ask yourself:
-As a stay at home parent, who do I wish to influence, beyond my immediate family (perhaps the PTO or other parents)?
-As a retired professional, who do I wish to influence and inspire (perhaps a community organization)?
-As a job seeker, who do I wish to influence and inspire while I am searching for employment (perhaps by volunteering for a nonprofit, connecting with other job seekers or school alumni)?

I have an Offering. Will CBC consider featuring my business?

YES! This is part of the magic!

I understand that marketing and promoting your business can be exhausting and expensive, so I am dedicated to building this community to support the amazing work you are doing! Allow me to support you with marketing, technology, and bringing you an audience so you can do what you love to do most!

Remember, in order to promote your business and offerings you must first join as a member.


Number Available: 1

Scholarship Application Available Soon!

Pay it Forward and consider sponsoring a scholarship for someone who is not able to currently financially afford the membership. The generosity is sure to be repaid!

Transparency & Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Report will be made available annually

If you want to feel the support of a great community and the entire universe, this is the place.”

–Leslie Zuti

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