Month Two

Written by Kristin McGinnis

May 14, 2021


There is a lot to celebrate these days! First off, CBC had two great networking events in April: April 7th Virtual Networking with a dozen attendees and a guest speaker presentation by Katrina Brink on sustainable cooking.

On April 20th, we had or first intimate hybrid event, combining 6 people in person with more attendees via zoom for Conscious Coffee Conversations, led by CBC member Kristen Boyle.

I had so many great meetings in April, including some reunions and meeting online friends “in the flesh” for the first time! As I’ve been saying for some time now, Spring 2021 is going to be the best of our lifetime, following what we all endured in 2020!

I am also hearing celebrations from members. Specifically, Greg Tanner who has made time to meet with the four people I have introduced him to. He has graciously reported to me how much he has appreciated these quality referrals and they they have already begun to collaborate. This is what I love to hear!


Month two of this new “baby” had it’s challenges, outside of the business. It started with the loss of mentor around Easter Sunday. Bill Roberts, my former boss and founder of Auctoris, passed away tragically and suddenly. Tens of thousands (literally) knew and loved him. He was one of most loving, incredible humans to grace the earth. It was such an honor to have had Bill’s presence in my life and to have learned from him. If it moves you, you can read his beautiful obituary here.

Oh and I caught a lovely cold/flu while visiting my niece in Arizona and lost my voice for about a week. It was worth every.single.second with her. Check out the cute pictures of my two nieces on my Instagram.

Coming Up: Events

Yoga Experience with Lisa Walker on Saturday, May 23rd

Conscious Coffee Conversations on Friday, May 28th

Virtual Speed Networking on Thursday, June 3rd

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VISION: What does this “baby” need for the summer months?

Am I right that we all want to be outside as much as possible in the coming months and are craving some FUN and connection? I am excited to plan some events to support your businesses!! Some of these events will be paired with volunteer/community service, so if you know of a specific need in the community that needs filled, please do let me know. Schedule a call with me if you have ideas for an event or an offering to provide the community.

I am also looking for Event Sponsors (note: you must be a CBC member to sponsor an event – this is part of the magic of fostering a network of “givers”). Sponsoring an event will spotlight YOU and your business to everyone on the invite list (currently have nearly 200 on the CBC email distribution list) and additionally, with more value, to guests who attend. Sponsorship amounts vary, per event (starting as low as $40 to cover food, beverage and venue costs, if needed).

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