CBC Monthly Business Growth Webinar: February Feature with John Gies



Communicating for the Bottom Line:
How Communication Impacts Human and Financial Performance

Do you have people that cannot convey their message to teams or clients effectively?

Does your team respond positively to feedback or do they continue with habitual behavior?

Do you or your managers struggle with getting everyone on the same page?

Do you experience constructive or destructive conflict?


John Gies has worked with teams around the world to improve communication team work and accountability.

Organizations are seeking managers and leaders that have the soft skills to succeed. The number one skill sought continues to be communication skills. In this fast-paced interactive presentation, John provides participants with:

  • You will leave with a visceral experience of how communication impacts you and others in your organization.
  • You will learn the four keys to communicate with more power, influence, and  impact, so you can achieve more.
  • Participants will be prepared to deliver a powerful feedback conversation and then have the principles and process to guide others to the results they want.


About John

John easily commands the room and – “he’s very knowledgeable”, “he knows how to keep our attention”, “he used our names!”, “he really flowed nicely through the material.” and my favorite

– “He keeps it focused and friendly!” ~ Training Manager for an International Training firm.

John helps individuals and organizations build award-winning teams by teaching them the power of communication in order to deliver performance, profit, and  quality. He learned his communication skills in the crucible of the sales profession, where your ability to communicate determined your level of income and  influence. For over 30 years his work with Small and Large Business, Telecommunication Pioneers, Financial Services and Government agencies and supported them to achieve operational and financial performance. He continues to work with leaders from across all industries to improve communication and leadership effectiveness to deliver powerful results.

He is an award-winning speaker and leverages his own wholehearted approach to communication to help leaders create accountable teams, productive teams and
profitable teams.

His topic around improved team performance through structured communication was well received. And the opportunity to experience the
impact of communications viscerally was powerful. ~Michele Olivier Conference Co-Chair Colorado HFMA

Cost: $30 | $15 for CBC Members

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**All registrants will receive a recording of the webinar. LIVE attendance encouraged but not required.


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