Unpacking “The Four Agreements” with Ethan Silvera & Kristin McGinnis (Virtual)




We all seek personal freedom and peace. This foundation is built from within and the choice to step into new “agreements” in order to live a life out of love and letting go of fears. As we grow up, we may forget we have the choice (or think we don’t have one) as we buy into systems, structures and “agreements” that are not serving our most authentic selves.

“The Four Agreements,” a spiritually-classic and foundational text by Don Miguel Ruiz, provides practical stepping stones into how to make adjustments in your way of being to live from a place of love.

These life-changing agreements are: 1) Be Impeccable With Your Word; 2) Don’t Take Anything Personally 3) Don’t Make Assumptions and 4) Always Do Your Best.

We will practice what it means to implement the four agreements into your life, letting go of self-limiting beliefs. All of this will provide you the tools to step into more joy, bliss and peace in your life.

Guided by CBC Member Ethan Silvera of Intend Reiki. Co- Facilitated by CBC Founder, Kristin McGinnis

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