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Are YOU a Conscious Leader?

It is important to recognize leaders at all levels of an organization. Not just the top. Not only the business owner or C-suite executives. If you believe in integrity and personal accountability – YOU ARE A LEADER!

If you are committed to influence, inspiration and improving the world around you – YOU ARE A LEADER!

If you ask questions and refuse to settle because you’ve been told or believe, “that’s just the way it is” – YOU ARE A LEADER!!

Our members are conscious leaders who seek to “level up” and manage their businesses with sustainable economics: a Triple Bottom Line (TBL) approach of people, planet and profit. Those that are not just looking to have MORE and buy MORE, rather leaders that approach business with an altruistic and holistic strategy to foster health (mind, body and spirit) for themselves, their employees, their community and planet.


Individuals all over the world are opening to greater consciousness and are seeking to connect with like-minded people to further their growth. By experiencing personal abundance, they wish to give back to the community and support others on their journey and support businesses that are creating a sustainable world.

A conscious business has a clear purpose beyond simply making a profit. Conscious leaders keep values front of mind when making business decisions.



Oxford Definition of Business:
the practice of making one’s living by engaging in commerce

Most of us need to engage in commerce in order to have money to pay for food, shelter and clothing. If that is you, YOU have a business.

Most of us are looking to attract customers/clients to your business so we can continue earning a paycheck (yes, even if you’re not in a marketing or sales role).

I built this business model with the underlying vision to support YOUR businesses!

Are you like me: feeling inundated with email newsletters and seemingly endless promotions on social media? In fact you are feeling pressure to create these marketing posts to keep up and be seen? There is another way!

I understand that marketing and promoting your business can be exhausting and expensive, so I am dedicated to building this community to support the amazing work you are doing!

In order for your business to grow, continuous growth and making conscious connections is imperative.

I strongly believe there are multiple paths to achieve prosperity and it takes a variety of teachers to get us there (in honor of this, I created a compilation of gratitude).

Meet me half way and allow me to do what I love at so that you are able to do what you love!


In order to promote your business and offerings you must first join as a member.

Conscious Business Connection (CBC) members live by the values of integrity, authenticity, and reciprocity. CBC members believe in practice over perfection.

Consciousness is about the awareness and courage to ask questions, then acting with integrity to do something with the answer. Ultimately, integrity is the choice to act with love instead of fear.

In order to maintain your membership, we ask you to ACT in integrity by:

  1. Supporting others by attending, engaging with, and financially contributing to their Offerings (minimum 15 hours per year). There are a wide variety of wonderful offerings to choose from. You may also choose the CBC Offerings.
  2. Giving back to your local community through an Act of Service. This can be serving on an advisory board, volunteering for a nonprofit, or serving in your own unique way. We are excited to see the ways our members serve the community and are delighted to help with suggestions! CBC member community projects will also be made available.
  3. Giving at least one conscious referral to someone in the community per year. Support will be provided on how to craft your conscious referral.
  4. Engaging in the community in your own unique way. Examples: attend a complimentary event, like or comment on a post in the Facebook community, fill out a survey, support another member by helping them to “keep their lights on!”

CBC Offerings

Signature Program | Yoga Experiences | Immersion Destination Retreats

What it FEELS like to be a Member of Our Community

Joy, Fun, Liberty, Prosperity, Purpose!!


If this inspires you and feels like a community you’d like to grow with, please fill out the form below.

Anticipated Dates
Soft launch March 2021
Formal launch May 2021

Connection starts with saying hello! 🙂

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