Inaugural Blog: The Vision

Written by Kristin McGinnis

March 5, 2021

I had to push through and work through many fears to bring me to where I am today.

The vision for this business came to me in March 2020, after much soul-searching during the stay at home orders.

The complete vision wasn’t there. And conversations with other’s left me feeling even more stuck, at times. Writing a business plan and a competitive analysis (which I’ve done many times before) felt gross and I did NOT want to do it. This led me down another cycle of self judgement and feelings of not being worthy or smart enough.

Though quite divinely, through these conversations a business partnership blossomed and Sage Kalber and I launched “Yoga With Purpose.” This business was the confidence boost and “practice” I very much needed. We hosted weekly yoga experiences at South High School and other locations, Colorado destination experiences in Woodland Park, Vail, and Glenwood Springs, and hosted a transformative weekend getaway at The Pikes Peak Retreat Home in Woodland Park in August 2020.

You will see testimonials and pictures of these experiences scattered throughout this website.

That partnership ended up not being a true alignment in vision, but the growth we both experienced was paramount. I am grateful for each and every moment.

Reflection and healing time was needed, for various reasons, September-December. Come January, thanks to two inspiring conversations – one with Maria Putnam and the other with Joan Randall – the spark was again lit and a date for a soft launch set for February 1, 2021. I knew the vision was too important and would support too many people to let go of it.

Though let me tell you, January was rough. I had record low energy and every task felt like lifting a 1000 pounds with a pair of chopsticks.

Mid-January a friend of mine, who lives in France, asked me if I wanted to meet her in Mexico for a yoga retreat. My head analyzed all the hesitations and fears (travel time, cost, travel restrictions, cost of getting a covid test to return to US and more…), but my heart said it is in alignment with your new year’s intention and you deserve this!! I set my new year’s intention to embody childlike wonder and this yoga retreat was called “Cuerpo Expressivo,” which translates to expression of the body.

I said yes! This was the first time I have given myself a gift like this.

I went for a yoga retreat and got so much more!!! I had a true spiritual awakening in Mexico.

Mexico was just what I needed! I was transformed again, into another improved butterfly version of myself. I fell deeply in love with Mexico and deeply in love with myself!

This love had (and has) me feeling so liberated and creative! Through what I gained from this experience I wanted to give back.

I first taught a couple yoga classes with the theme that transformed me. Illustrating how much magic slowing down can bring, simultaneously inviting energizing movement through play and dance. I also was expressing myself creatively through my Instagram stories, with the lessons I learned from slowing down and observing. From there, the creativity flowed and I felt a website draft was in order. Which brings us to today!

The creativity continues to flow! It also hasn’t slowed due to my engagement with the fabulous coaches and my peers at WellthWorks and their reminders about the power of my feminine energy. I am building the business step-by-step, slowly and intentionally (and the universe is going to keep knocking me on my ass until I fully learn the lesson of doing things slowly – because, well, I get very excited and I enjoy building things!!).

The experience I had in Mexico allowed me to step fully into my authentic self and I gained the confidence to take the steps I have long hesitated upon. Ultimately, combining my many passions and doing my best to converge the mindfulness world with the corporate world.

I am excited to share more of my experience with you!



What I was listening to: Jack Johnson: Inaudible Memories
What I was reading: Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav
What I was smelling: The ocean air!
What I was eating: Tlayudas

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