Featured Members

Stephen Jaye

Entreprenuer | Actions Antitodes

Stephen’s podcast is designed to inspire you to create your best possible life through sharing stories of others who already have done amazing things!

Stephen says, “To create your best possible life requires putting yourself out there, taking risks and believing in yourself. It requires adapting the right mindset. In our day to day lives in the 2020s, many of us still frequently find ourselves in environments that encourage us to act out of fear, play it safe, not take risks and accept less than what we deserve. The antidote to this is to regularly expose ourselves to interesting ideas, stories about people who implemented them and new and innovative ways to look at the world around us. Most of us have something we want to do. When we follow our passions we create a better life for ourselves and, usually, a better world around us. The stories discussed in this podcast are meant to inspire you all to widen your range of possibilities, try new things, and make what you really want in life happen. After that, maybe you should be a guest on the podcast!”

Erik Vienneau

Founder | Awake Experience

Erik Vienneau, LPC-C, RYT-200, helps people reduce their anxiety and find peace in relationships. Erik is the Founder of AWAKE Mindful Living, which offers mindfulness-based counseling supported by in-person and web-based mindful-living programs. Erik is dedicated to meeting people where they are along the path of wellness and offering them guidance and support to create a more peaceful and health filled life. Erik believes that peaceful minds = a peaceful planet.

Erik’s passion for Buddhist Studies, meditation, yoga and a healthy lifestyle helps him to re-discover his own peaceful nature each day and fuels his ability to share mindful-living coaching and practices with others. The driving force behind Erik’s life is to show others they are pure potential and not the self-limiting thoughts that our minds often generate.

Erik is the founder of Yoga Rocks the Park, Friday Night Yoga Club and the AWAKE Mindful Living Community. He sold the YRP + FNYC brands to YogEvents, LLC in 2015 after growing the live music and yoga events into globally recognized brands that spread to 20 cities across the United States and to Sydney, Australia while attracting well over 100,000 visitors in a seven year run. He currently focuses most of his time and energy on building the offerings of the AWAKE Mindful Living Community.

When not active in the mindfulness/business community Erik enjoys a simple life in beautiful Evergreen, CO with his wife and two children. They love to ski, rock climb, hike, travel and raise organic food in the greenhouse.

Abe Rodriguez

Senior Private Banker | Sunflower Bank

Highly skilled banking professional with extensive experience cultivating relationships in the community and business sector. Strong financial background, wide-ranging wealth management, private banking, commercial lending, trust and investment experience. Skilled in public speaking and a passion to be involved in my community.

Jessi Burg

Entreprenuer | Outgrow Your Garage

Jessi launched her second business, Outgrow Your Garage, building advocacy work and teaching other trades companies how to grow sustainably and equitably. As a values-driven business owner, Jessi absolutely adores proving that you can make a profit while breaking down class barriers. Through Outgrow Your Garage, Jessi is also able to support organizations that reduce recidivism through entrepreneurship. In the future, she plans to have multi-lingual programming, thus broadening access for recent immigrants.


Lisa Walker

Entreprenuer | Twisted Tree Enterprises

Nutrition Therapist & Yoga Instructor

Gabe Martin

Realtor • Broker Associate| West + Main

Practically a Colorado native, Gabe’s been in the state for 20 years, spending the majority of his time in the mountains where he used to own and operate his own ski and paddleboard businesses. He received his degree in business and recreation with an emphasis in ski resort management, but realized he has a huge passion for sales and building relationships with individuals, and this catapulted him into his dream career of real estate. Gabe actively participates in the community by putting on events to raise money and serving on boards, like the Crested Butte Land Trust.

With his strong midwest work ethic and a successful background in sales, Gabe does whatever it takes to help his clients, whether that’s buying, selling or investing, or even just tuning their skis because that’s another one of his hobbies. As someone who has moved many times, he’s familiar with the process both personally and professionally and knows it can be emotional as well as exciting. Clients who are looking to experience Colorado, should ask Gabe to be their guide. From skiing to biking, camping or paddleboarding, he does it all*, and loves to bring people with him.