Who We Are

CBC is a community of business leaders passionate about building relationships, self awareness, and making the world a better place for current and future generations.

What is a Conscious Business?

We define conscious businesses as ones that thoughtfully consider the impacts of their business decisions on all stakeholders. They provide solutions in ways that are supportive of people in the business, the community and environment.

A conscious business is run by one or multiple conscious leaders – those who understand that the most impact they can have on the world around them begins with an awareness of their internal world and their choices to behave and respond in a way that causes no harm. 

A conscious business not only has a sustainable mission and a higher purpose to serve the greater good, but they have clearly outlined values and do their best to live in integrity with these values on a daily basis.

CBC: A Conscious Chamber of Commerce with a “Vistage” blend:

Before the explosion of internet marketing, business owners were gathering with others in their cities to collaborate, make friends, and grow together.

Similar to a local chamber of commerce, CBC acts as a Global Conscious Chamber of Commerce to bring people together to network, share referrals and opportunities, and learn conscious leadership skills together. We build meaningful relationships and enjoy unique events together.

Monthly Members meetings provide opportunities for members to learn, mastermind, and apply concepts into their business.


Connection & Learning:

The CBC model is a Membership Community with a primary focus on connection and secondary focus on learning. We create unique ways of fostering connections and provide unique learning opportunities.


Is this the Community for You?

No matter where you are, it’s perfectly okay! If you have the desire to practice what it means to be a conscious leader and wish to build meaningful relationships, this is the community for you!


Member Benefits:

  • Membership Directory of Conscious Leaders,
  • Private Networking Platform with weekly discussions, 
  • monthly educational workshop featuring thought-leaders;
  • in-person and virtual events,
  • education,
  • mastermind groups,
  • and direct referrals from the founder & other members. 


Our Events:

At CBC, we love being a refreshing change to endless elevator pitches and empty business card exchanges. Our events incorporate elements of mindfulness and foster our personal wellness and connection with nature.

Our Vision, Mission & Values:

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How it began:

Founded in the summer of 2021 by Kristin McGinnis, CBC has over 70 members who are leaders in Denver and around the world. We host a variety of unique events, all designed to support you in gaining exposure for your business and building connections with other like-hearted leaders. 

Meet Our Founder

CBC’s Signature Events

    • Conscious Connections & Conversations (Denver, CO) | Bi-Monthly
      An event for CBC members and prospective members to grow their network and share how they are growing their business with purpose. Alternating virtual and in-person.
    • Educational Webinars (Virtual, discount for members)  | Monthly
      Business and personal growth topics. Webinars presented by CBC Members.
    • Members Roundtable | Monthly
      Member presentations and conscious relationship building activities. Alternating virtual and in-person. The in-person events will include a mixer following with prospective members. CBC events focus on building conscious relationships that bring you clients and strategic partners that may become MORE than business contacts.
    • Wellness Events (Denver-Metro, discount for members) | Monthly
      A way to meet like-hearted leaders while receiving your dose of wellness. Yoga, conscious dance, paddle boarding, hiking, skiing, tennis/pickleball, golf, river tubing, concerts, escape rooms, events with pets, kids and spouses too! If you are interested in partnering on a wellness event, please contact Kristin.
    • Community Charity Project (Denver-Metro) | Quarterly Conscious Networking while we give back to the community. We come together to make our communities feel seen and loved. Serving humans, animals, and nature. If you are in need of our support for a specific project, please contact Kristin.
    • Partnership with the Annual Evergreen, CO Awake Festival 
    • Partnership with the Denver Conscious Entrepreneurs Summit
    • Colorado Retreats
    • Destination Retreats | See where we’ve been and where we are going. 
    • New Year’s Intentions Celebration | Annually, January