The Founder: Kristin McGinnis

aka K-unit, The Friend Whisperer, Ms. Professor X

Hi friends! I was moved to start this business out of my love for connecting people and supporting the beautiful work of so many professionals that have come into my life; many that have made a substantial positive impact on my personal and professional growth.

It has been a dream of mine to find a way to converge the corporate world with the “mindfulness” world. Through this, the vision for Conscious Business Connections (CBC) was revealed and manifested.

With 12 successful years in luxury hospitality management & event planning; 10 prosperous years in corporate finance, business development & marketing; a fulfilling Masters Degree in Sustainable Business; and a lifetime of consciousness, I aim to provide CBC members with a VIP experience.

CBC Members will have access to my extensive network through the referrals I will facilitate to support your business.

My promise to you:

I am dedicated to transparency, operational efficiency, and giving back profits to our members in the form of scholarships and giving back to communities who will benefit from our support. This model is being built slowly, intentionally, and consciously so that I can provide the greatest benefit to members. I wish to keep the the membership cost low into perpetuity. I will be able to do this by conscious referrals.


I believe in…

Leading by Example

Integrity: Love

Respect & Reciprocity

Unity: Appreciation of the Beauty in ALL of Us & All Living Things

Abundance & Sharing

Kindness & Gratitude

Curiosity & Fun

Forgiveness & Fairness

Perseverance & Love for Learning

Teamwork & Collaboration