We are a community of business leaders passionate about building relationships, self awareness, and making the world a better place for current and future generations.

Serving Denver, Colorado & Connecting Globally

Established 2021


Are you seeking to run your business with more consciousness?

Are you starting a business and wish to build it in the most conscious way possible?

Are you wishing to grow your network of clients and strategic partners, from a values standpoint?

Are you leading employees from within your organization and wish to have positive impact on the company?

Have you mastered these and wish to give back and mentor others in the community?

If so, CBC is the community for you! Together, we will continue to elevate your growth as a conscious leader!

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The Vision

Individuals all over the world are opening to greater consciousness. The understanding that everything is interrelated, interconnected, and interdependent.

This focus on deeper consciousness re-frames sustainability, turning environmental and social challenges into drivers of innovation, increased employee engagement, marketplace advantage. and  flourishing business opportunities.

Together we co-create the world we want to live in. Do you desire a world with balance, health, freedom, peace, joy and love? Business is capable of making this dream possible! It all starts with awareness and the willingness to step into a truer version of yourSelf.


Are you ready to be part of the evolution?

From Our Members

“My network has been opened to industries and individuals I wouldn’t necessarily have found in other professional groups.
Members look to make a difference, build positive connections and grow in ways that are personally and professionally meaningful.”
–Hannah Yaritz, CCS Fundraising

Conscious Community

As engaged conscious leaders in their community, CBC Members gain more clients and strategic partners.


CBC is a network of business people committed to promoting and protecting the interests of conscious businesses around the globe. Conscious businesses are ones that operate mindfully in the realms of self, society, and nature. CBC members lead and live their lives with integrity and altruism.

A variety of unique events without the “rules” you may find with other referral groups, CBC creates a stage for you to share your authentic self, passions, skills, and offerings. The CBC platform focuses on building conscious relationships that bring you clients and strategic partners that may become MORE than business contacts.

Whether you are starting a new business, growing your business, or have solutions (hard or soft skills) to offer entrepreneurs and businesses – if you share in the vision of seeing conscious businesses THRIVE, I invite you to join us in “Keeping Lights On!”

~Kristin McGinnis, Founder & CEO

Upcoming Events

A refreshing change to endless elevator pitches and empty business card exchanges.
Because self awareness and wellness is integral to being a conscious leader, all of our events have an element of mindfulness. And, we host many events outside, where we foster our personal wellness and connection with nature.
Yoga, paddle boarding, golf, tennis, skiing, hiking, snowshoe excursions, mindful happy hours, and more!


We’d be delighted to meet you at our next event!