Mission, Vision & Core Values


To teach, empower, and influence business people around the world to lead in a more conscious manner – serving people, planet, profit and self.


By fulfilling our mission, individuals and businesses will thrive, creating a more joyful, harmonious and sustainable world for the greater good of all humanity.

Core Values

Integrity, Altruism, Unity, Contribution, Curiosity, Abundance, Forgiveness and Love.

Quotes on Leadership & Conscious Business -Sadhguru

As a leader, your every thought, emotion, and action impacts many lives. It’s extremely important to work on how you are within yourself.

As a leader, you build trust when you give yourself 100%, so that people understand with your every action, you stand for them.

Integrity, insight, and inclusiveness are the three essential qualities of leadership.

Whatever kind of business you are into, ultimately, there is only one business, that is human wellbeing.

What is possible and what is not is not your business. Nature will decide this. Your business is just to work for what truly matters to you.

Anyone who has built anything successful knows there is no perfect way – it is a constant juggle.

If you want to enjoy success, before you engineer situations, first of all you have to engineer yourself.

If you want success, the foremost thing is to ensure that you are not the obstacle to it.