Connection vs Competition

January 20, 2023

Have you taken the time to really think about what “Connection” means as it relates to business? Is Competition a core value in your business? Asking questions and being curious is what makes us “Conscious Leaders.”

I very deliberately named this organization Conscious Business Connections. One, because I believe that in order to run a healthy and successful business, we need to make connections with others – in a business development sense. Two, it is the quality and strength of that relationship that allows us to thrive – our choice of how we wish to connect, or relate, to one another.

Connection is a noun:

  1. The act of connecting.
  2. The point at which two or more things are connected.
  3. A feeling of understanding and ease of communication between two or more people.


My  point of view: I still see many firms who have a culture of and train from the premise of competition. Sometimes fierce competition. Of course, we will always have market “competitors” (other businesses that are offering the same or similar product or service) AND we do need to differentiate ourselves, but do we need to be fiercely competitive?

I also ask myself, what is the mindset and energy behind competition? I believe in friendly competition to strengthen and refine our skills, but there’s a tipping point to regressive energy if competing is the primary aim.

Perhaps the quote below will provide you inspiration and insight, as well? Feel free to leave your perspective here in the comments section or members can join the conversation on our private platform.

Kristin McGinnis | Founder, Conscious Business Connections


We are here to connect, not to compare. There is a reason we are not in this world alone. It is because we are all connected and need each other to function peacefully, purposefully, and powerfully. We cannot know happiness or our true power if we are constantly in a state of comparison and competition.


Comparison and extreme competition run on insecurities and the belief in scarcity, which inevitably isolates us from one another. Competition believes there is one pie, and when someone else takes a piece of it there is less for others. Our highest self knows that there is no pie.


Connection rejects the idea of competing for any one thing and runs, instead, on gratitude and abundance, which weave us more deeply into each other in the world. Connection knows that everything we accomplish in life is much more fulfilling when we help others along the way. Don’t let the spirit of comparison and competition take you somewhere fast, when the spirit of collaboration can take you someplace far instead.

-Cleo Wade, Heart Talk


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