2nd Annual New Years Intentions Celebration 2023

January 30, 2023

On Friday, January 27, 2022 CBC members and guests gathered to reflect, celebrate, and set intentions for 2023 with the creation of individual and community vision boards at our 2nd Annual New Years Celebration.

Thanks to our venue sponsors: Auctoris and The Madison Group! These boutique firms are specialized in providing affluent families, family offices, business owners, and key executives with exceptional, tax-efficient wealth transfer and business continuity strategies.

Beyond seeing the final artwork, it was inspiring to hear everyone tell stories about their experience in creating their vision boards and why certain words and images were chosen. Discussing our visions and process with one another over a few hours together really forged beautiful connections and further deepened many relationships. Such a wonderful way to spend our time together!

In addition to the preparation guide and values exploration sent prior to confirmed guests, it was helpful and inspiring to hear from founder Kristin McGinnis, and members Stephen Jaye and Ethan Silvera to get our creative juicing flowing. Stephen Jaye explained how every single image and intention he placed on his 2022 vision board came true! In essence, be clear on what you’re asking for because it may very well manifest in a big way!!

We can’t wait to see how our visions unfold in 2023…

Here are some of the individual vision boards, created by members and guests:


Our Community Vision Board

Here’s our community vision board that we co-created last Friday! What do you FEEL when you look at it? What adjectives would you use to describe it?

Feel free to leave your perspective here in the comments section or members can join the conversation on our private platform.

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Kristin’s Vision Board

My focus for my vision this year was on how I want to feel (internal) versus what I want to do or accomplish (external). Because all the great things I will do and accomplish will flow from who I am being. When I look at this board, I feel centered.

It so fun to play with images, metaphors, and words to get clear on your values and what you wish to manifest in your life!

More Pictures!


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