How do you express your passions and gifts through the work you do?

Written by Kristin McGinnis

November 15, 2021

For those of you who do not know, I have a full time job in corporate, in addition to running CBC. This morning my boss (at Auctoris) and I were speaking about a client we are serving and supporting. This doctor is still serving patients well into his 70s with no intentions of ever stopping. I’ve been blessed to know many people who have worked well into their 90s. It reminded me of the quote…

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Have you seen someone completely in their zone while expressing their gifts? They LIGHT UP! And thus, light up those around them.

For me, it is a sheer joy to see other’s living out their passions through an expression of their careers. It is my intention to continuously inspire and support the others – and in particular the CBC community on this journey. I intentionally chose the email domain of “keeping lights on” as I wish to support and inspire you to keep on your path of doing what you love and to make a living by doing what you love!

This is primarily done through the events and retreats I create and host, providing a stage for others to showcase their talents and gifts.

All CBC members also have access to a Strategy & Opportunities call with me. Members: Here is the link to schedule a time with me.

The stage is open for you to tell the community about your gifts, passions, and offerings. Share with us on the Facebook Group Page or comment on this blog post.

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